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Kait & Crowne Collections

Elegance to Honor the Everyday Woman

"Kait" is a name that has been popular throughout Britain and the United States for centuries. With a variety of spellings and pronunciations, it beautifully blends the "girl next door" with a picture of honorable femininity far deeper than outward appearance. "Kait" is feminine, but not fussy; strong, but not harsh; dignified, but not snobbish. It points to a beauty not confined to body type, style of dress, or cultural norms. Rather, it is one that can be cultivated in the heart of every woman.

 Crowns have been worn by royalty throughout the ages to symbolize positions of significance and authority. Yet, the crowns did not make those individuals royal. Rather, they symbolized what was already inherent. So too, a woman's value is not determined by what she wears. She has inherent dignity simply because she is human.

Nevertheless, clothing is a beautiful language. With it we speak of our personalities, dreams, and lifestyles. Our desire at Kait & Crowne Collections is to use that language to tell the story of the everyday woman; to create timeless garments, combined with elements from history and a dash of all things royal, to point to the beauty of womanhood that never goes out of style. In a sense, clothing can be a crown to symbolize a value already inherent. Our hope is to do just that - to use elegance to honor.


Meet the Team

Sarah Johannes - Owner, Head Designer and Curator

Sarah was practically born with a book in one hand and a pencil in another. Playing dress-up in outdated gowns, hand-drawing paper doll outfits, or devouring historical fiction novels, filled her childhood. A love for beauty, history, and clothing eventually led her into the fashion industry. She graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in "Apparel, Textile, and Design," and proceeded to study fashion styling at the Total Image Institute and work alongside various entrepreneurs and business owners in the creative world. Culminating with the creation of Kait & Crowne Collections, her core desire is to use classic fashion, inspired by design themes from over the eras, to point toward the timeless beauty of feminine dignity. 


Estelle Erdmann - Illustrator, Design and Marketing Assistant

Estelle is an English-born, German-American artist who adds magical touches from her life experiences, love of European history, and British fashion to her art. With her ritual of taking afternoon tea, plenty of classic literature on her shelves, and surrounded by a view of the German mountains out her window, Estelle is continually inspired to create beautiful products that tie in seamlessly with the aesthetic of Kait & Crowne. 

Estelle graduated with a bachelor's degree in Studio Art at North Greenville University in 2016 and has been doing freelance work for over 10 years, drawing portraits and painting European landscapes with her own business Postles Lodge. Favourite pastimes include visiting castles, watching period dramas, and wearing lots of tweed! 


Meghan and Crosby Brackins - Brand Photographer

As a child Meghan would spend the night under her bed covers with a flashlight, reading stacks and stacks of books. She was enchanted by the stories of Jane Austen and other classics that filled her bookshelves, and fell in love with the magic of storytelling. 

Meghan took that love and opened a photography business True Foundation Photography over a decade ago to help others tell their stories everyday! Crosby joined the TFP team with videography in 2020.

 As a teenager, she was fascinated by popular UK cultural events and often ran to the closest store to find fashion accessories just like notable British figures! All her princess dreams came true when her Prince Charming, Crosby, proposed in front of the steps of a castle (it might have been Cinderella’s castle at Disney World, but it was still magical!) These days it’s not unusual to find Meghan and Crosby curled up on their couch watching British TV shows on Netflix and eating chocolate covered blue berries! 




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