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British Lifestyle Meets Charleston Charm


Timeless. Classic. Feminine Style.


Elegance to Honor the Everyday Woman


Most of our garments are made-to-order, or purchased in very small quantities as orders come in, reducing waste and ensuring we manufacture only as many pieces as our customers want. The items that are not crafted by our personal team are purchased in small batches from our production and wholesale partners in the United States, England, and mainland Europe.

Intentionally Crafted

Each garment tells a story. Crafted with goods from Scotland, England, and historically rich companies, we want our apparel to be more than simply clothing. Our aim is for the detailed story of each garment to highlight the more beautiful story of the woman who wears it.

Reliably Sourced

Almost all of our fabrics, buttons, and packaging supplies are purchased from small businesses and tailoring shops. Along with our personal Kait & Crowne team, all of our production and wholesale business partners are ethically and sustainably run. We invest hours of research to make sure the products we offer are high quality and sourced from trustworthy businesses.

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